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It’s Just A Bit Unbearable


Original Imagine: Based off this Imagine.
Words: 3,505
Author: demontraps-and-salt
Reader Gender: Female
Character: Castiel
Warnings: mentions of blood, reader gets badly injured
Note: This is part 2 of ‘It’s Just A Misunderstanding’. I suggest you read it first if you haven’t, or you know, do whatever you’d like. I’m sorry that I hadn’t made this a smut fic, but it felt so out of character for the reader, there will be a part 3, so don’t worry. “____” is your name.

Part 1 – It’s Just A Misunderstanding


It’s Just A Bit Unbearable

How long had it been? Two weeks at most. Since you told Castiel that you didn’t love him…what a cruel lie…

You sit in a noisy silence at the center table of the kitchen, spooning absent mindedly at the bowl of soup in front of you, thoughts running wild with the things you had said, the lies you had told, to the one person you had hoped you’d never have to lie to. You had caused pain before, you’d felt guilt before, but this kind of torment raging in your head, over the things you should have said, was unbearable. You couldn’t think straight, you couldn’t focus. You weren’t yourself, no, not in the slightest.

“Are you alright, ____?” Sam’s words bring you out of your thoughts for, what was it, at least the hundredth time those past weeks.

“I’m fine.” You say out of habit, when in fact you know you aren’t, and you knew that both brothers could easily tell you weren’t.

“You know,” Sam starts, as if he was uncertain of the words he was about to say. “We can hear you…at night, and when you’re in the shower…you’re clearly not okay.” Your throat tightens at his words, completely caught off guard that they had heard you crying. “If you want to talk about it—”

“Oh yeah Sam, let’s talk about it.” You say, your words coming out harsher than you would have liked. “I’ll go get the ice cream and we can talk about boys and paint our nails and tell secrets, oh yeah, let’s just talk it out.” You snap, your words laced with sarcasm.

A pained expression comes across Sam’s face as he stands up and quickly leaves the room, you let out a long sigh, regretting the words you had chosen. With Sam gone, it was now the oldest Winchester’s turn to step in. “Look, I don’t like talking about feelings as much as the next guy, but ____, you know he was just trying—”

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This was beautiful and I am literally crying