I am an adult and I came here to have fun and celebrate my friends birthday and Labor Day, not baby sit your 15 year old drunk ass after you stole an entire bottle of moscato, over half a bottle of vodka, two bottles of Smirnoff, and two bottles of hard lemonade that we bought and then proceed to call me a “fucking bitch” and hit me me in the back after I picked you up when you fell down the hill and escorted you safely back to where we are staying.

Leave it to 15 year olds to ruin the fun.

Honestly, if God is going to send people to hell because it’s “wrong” to love someone then please, send me to hell as well.



Remember this chick?


If you don’t, she’s Kali. She’s the god of destruction and violence. But she also works with blood spells. She took the Winchesters’ blood to put them on a ‘leash’. With their blood, she could do anything. Kill them, hurt them, bring them back to life… 

She didn’t just take their blood.



She took Gabriel’s, too. Kali didn’t die. She still has Gabriel’s blood.

She can bring Gabriel back to life.